San Carlos and La Paz: The Last few days in Baja… 22nd to 25th of November

On November 22nd after a good rest at Bill´s in Mulege we attempted to hitch to San Carlos… no such luck… we waited for 4 hours and took a bus. We enjoyed a few brews on route, made it to Ciudad Constitution and got some great rides and made it directly to the marine bilogy school where our couchsurfer staci was. We met her right away and she let us stay in our own wonderful Cabin (click any photo below to see whole album).


The school she works for is SFS School for Field Studies. A program that is all over the world. We got to hang out with the safety manager and program director and talk about a new sea kayak program they are beginning to develop. We even got to go kayaking out in Madgelena Bay, check out the fish cannery and tons of birds and some mangroves where they were doing an experiment with small species of octopus. Very interesting program.


We met some of the students and went Zumba dancing with them which is a form of salsa. it was quite fun!


We did so much is so little time in San Carlos and got fed wonderful food with the great community they have there. We even got a ride with the program director to La Paz that evening and met up with our next couchsurfer Mabilia and her mother.

La Paz was just wonderful. We had a fantastic place to stay with fantastic people and went out and saw a mariachi band after a wonderful homecooked meal (click any photo below to see whole album).


Our second day in La PAz and last day in Baja, Matiss, Mabilia and I tried to rent a catermeran but got shut down… we met this guy Carlos from the states who rented us his for pretty cheap and we went out ripping around the bay.



It was a pretty windy day so sailing was intense and there was a currently and the boat was hard to control because the rutter was jimmi rigged together and was too flexi… But we made do… unfortunately we didn´t sail out to the whale shark zone because it was far too windy but enjoy the sunshine on the beach.


We went back for another wonderful homecooked meal and went out for some drinks.

Matiss and I parted ways the morning of November 25th as i flew to Costa Rica and MAtiss flew back to Vancouver.


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