Andes to the Atlantic – 14 days by kayak across the Patagonian Steppe

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It certainly was interesting how this expedition came about. Back in 2011 I had the privilege to work as a kayak guide with Aguahielo Expediciones In Aysen Region of Patagonia. This totally opened up my mind to a different perspective of this area known as ‘Patagonia’.

The name Patagonia was brought forth by Magellan during his interactions with the indigenous people of the area as they apparently tended to have large feet and the Spanish word for feet being ‘pata’, the people of the area became known as patagonians and as time went on this exotic sounding name in conjunction with the US based clothing brand became the name for the entire region. Most people when they think of Patagonia in terms of a place on planet earth, they immediately think of the sharp jagged peaks of the fitzroy or Torres del Paine mountains.

20190104_104457Fitzroy Mountain, Laguna Sucia, Argentina

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALos Torres, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

These towering sharp granite peaks are absolutely amazing places, dont get me wrong there is certainly a reason they are famous they are powerful and spectacularly scenic mountains.

Stunning right? makes you really want to go there? Yes and you should go but I want to look at a different side of Patagonia… Continue reading


Bass Strait Sea Kayak Expedition 2015

So I remember hearing about the Bass Strait years ago. I remember looking at it as ‘the everest’ of sea kayaking. Huge open water, strong currents, unpredictable conditions – just downright scary… Over the years I have read a few articles online (from one of which I took the map below 🙂 ) about teams who had paddled the crossing from Wilsons prom via the remote isolated exposed islands of Hogan and Kent group to the friendly island of Flinders and the Furneaux Group to eventually make it to Little Musselroe Bay in Tasmania. Continue reading