Playa Rosada & the Rural Valdivian Coast

Thursday November 10th:

After relaxing and cooking some good food for Natalia I left to catch an 11 hour bus to Valdivia in the Los Rios region of Chilean coast.

Friday November 11th:

I connected with Mathieu on couchsurfing in Plays Rosada, about a 40 min bus ride north of Valdivia. I arrived in Valdivia about 10am and took the expressa de la costa bus to Playa Rosada. I was blown away with the beauty of this coastline.
Los Molinos, Costa de Valdivia, Los Rios, Chile
I had no idea how beautiful it was. I finally arrived at Mathieu and his wife Amanda’s place. Mathieu was from France originally and had been on all sorts of adventures from sleeping outside in the winter in scotland with nothing to working on sailboats in Antarctic. Amanda was from Castro on Chiloe.
They both live on top a cliff in a very simple but beautiful home. When I arrived there were 3 other couchsurfers. Juliano from brazil and Gil and Fanny from France. No one spoke English except mathieu so I got lots of exposure and practice.

November 11-13th:

These next few days were amazing. Lots of hitch-hiking, cheap empanadas, harvest and buying local clams/mussels (mariscos) and bbqing them up while watching the sunset over the pacific while sippin pisco sours, cerveza, and vino practicing Spanish. One day we hitched down to the town of Niebla and took a ferry across to the town of Corral and hitched all the way to the Reserva Costera Valdiviana. This was a protected section of coastline about 20km south of Corral near the town of Chaihuin. This was a beautiful place with hiking trails through the rain forest and beautiful beaches. We also went to a festival in the town of Niebla where we sampled some local Valdivian beer and enjoyed some music and an Asado ( BBQ). I really enjoyed my time with all these folks and I hope to meet up with them in my travels (click photo below for link to whole album).


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