Puerto Bertrand & the Aysen Region of Patagonia


So I have had quite the experience here in the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia. I arrived in Puerto Bertrand on December with Rolando, my friend i worked with 3 years ago in Mazama Washington for Outward Bound. Puerto Bertrand is a small town of about 50 people on the Rio Baker and Lago Bertrand. It is quite similar in size to Rossport, Ontario on the north shore of Lake Superior. I have been fortunate to be able to organize a work exchange with Rolando´s company, AguaHielo Expediciones. It has been quite the experience… it is truly the heart of Patagonia here. Pretty much no one in this small little town who speaks english and most of the clients who come to kayak don´t speak english so I am imersed which is totally ideal to learn some spanish. It has been a challenge but I have learned quite a bit, I can understand what people are saying a good percentage of time and am able to have one on one conversations. I still have a ton to learn and need to remember to pernounciate properly (A E I O U) remember all the correct verbs tenses and I am well on my way. Mas hablo, mas aprendo! I have been teaching kayaking in Spanish too which has been quite the challenge but has slowed down and simplied my teaching progressions and been fantastic. I have seen and done a lot of things and still have more to come. Trying to figure out the rest of my travel plans until go back to Canada at the end of March. So many places to go and things to do and see. I am still taking it all in so I will need to write more as a reflection of the whole experience once it passed and will surely add my photos at this time. For now here is a nice photo of kayaking on Lago Bertrand on a really calm sunny afternoon! enjoy!



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