We are off! Next stop French Polynesia!

Crew from left to right: Zack, Steve, Michaela, Pam, Tom, Elena, and Louis

This is it! we have finally got all our things together and we will be off very shortly if all goes well. I will probably not be able to update this blog for quite a while. Likely not until we arrive in Tahiti, French Polynesia sometime in September. We will be exploring the remote islands on route until then. You can read more details about the crew and the trip in my previous post. You can follow our progress and message log through the MapShare feature from our Delorme InReach at this link:


Click here for more information about Karaka.

All the best,

Zack Kruzins


2 thoughts on “We are off! Next stop French Polynesia!

    • muchas gracias amigo! estamos en Nuku Hiva Marquesas, French Polynesia. Saludos a todos en Patagonia hueon! Nos vemos en futura!
      definitivemente volvere a Aysen!

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