Back on Karaka: Provisioning and waiting for our new main sail

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I arrived in Panama City on the 18th of April by bus at Albrook Mall and had to talk to about five different cab drivers that would take me to the Amador for less than $5. The Amador is a causeway that jets out connecting three islands off the east side of the entrance of the Canal on the Pacific Ocean. Karaka was anchored as close as possible to the messed up dingy dock off the second island on the Amador, Isla Pericos. Continue reading


La Paz to Cabo San Lucas December 6-11th

So Kim had booked her flight for the 9th of December from the Los Cabos airport back to Brisbane, Australia to see some family. She plans to return to Karaka in Costa Rica at the end of January 2013. This changed our plans to sail to the overdeveloped tourist resort town of Cabo San Lucas instead of Mazatlan. For some reason it was a lot cheaper to check the boat out of Mexico in Cabo or Mazatlan than in La Paz. Continue reading