The Road West and BC Hotsprings Tour Oct 22nd to Oct 31st

After a good meeting with the Lake Superior Research Group (LSRG) about the future outlook and for-coming projects, I was off toward the west once again. Robyn, a girl from dundas who coincendentally took piano lessons from my mom, found me on the ride share Canada group on couchsurfing… we co-ordinated and i rode with her out to meet Matiss in British Columbia… made a few visits with friends, family and couchsurfers on route and made it to the Lussier Hotsprings for 3pm on Oct 25th near Kimberly where Robyn was working for the season instructing skiing… so things worked out pretty well and Matiss and are were off on our adventure.

We visited some friends in the beautiful town of Nelson and went to some more hotsprings… We were contemplating driving all the way through the states and for fun looked at flights and found some dirt cheap flights to Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. I was kind of sad but releaved that we were not taking a long road trip down to Baja… I was most sad about missing the AEE conference but things worked out and we flew to Los Cabos for November 1st!


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