Los Cabos… Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo… Adventures in Baja begin!

We have now spent a week in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. A crazy over developed place… just ridiculous and they keep building more… despite the development it was still very beautiful and we did our best to enjoy it.


We spent our first night in the Cabo Inn Hotel (hostel) which was nice after a long flight… we met our future couchsurfer Anna who was from the Spanish Islands known as the Canary Islands… her english was exceptional aswell as her friend Ilse from Mexico. We met them at the hostel that evening and went out for our first genuine tacos… a little overwhelming being in the crazy tourist city of Cabo San Lucas… The hostel treated us well for a great night sleep in the heat. We moved to Annas house the next day and checked out Playa Medano, the famous beach in Cabo… It was nice but so many mexicans trying to sell your stuff constantly… we felt bed but that was their way of life… It took some getting used to but we found our way around the city…

November 3rd… learning some spanish we ecalante el montagne grande (climb the big mountain) went to some gorgeous beaches and made it to the top after a long walk (see below for view, click photo for link to more photos).


We later made our way to lovers beach, famous beach near the Lands end Arch… the southern most point of Baja where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of California.

We had fun and went out for a night on the town experiencing some wild but expensive night-life Cabo San Lucas is known for.

We got into a good pattern of siesta and sleeping in… our stomachs are sensitive to all the different mexican food we have been eating… We went for a very nice sunset back at the Solmar Beach where another CS named Salina happened to work… we were able to just go into the resort and chill in the pool whenever so we did a few times and ordered smoothies at the pool bar…

We had a really nice jersey girl named Mary give us some left over alcohol and food who was flying out the next day… We enjoyed a nice sunset on the pacific that evening with Mary and another CS named Salina who worked at the resort.

Mary was really awesome but It was crazy to think how many people like her just fly down here for a week or two and stay in these fancy resorts… completely different experience from what Matiss and I were up to…

Our last day in Cabo San Lucas we felt we had a bunch of things to do and unfortunatlely had to miss the spanish lesson Salina offered to us. Later we went to the Medano Beach where there were a ton of sailboats anchored and partying on the beach…


we heard the loud speaker come on and say… ¨Who is looking for crew?¨ I immediately went over and found a great captain of a forty foot sloop looking for crew too La Paz… Matiss, myself and Anna all hope to meet him tomorrow… Anna is able to come because she just quite her dreadful job selling diamonds…

We decided to leave Anna for some space to think as she had hosted us and another guy (Brian) who biked from Buffalo, NY to Cabo San Lucas and was going to take the ferry across the mainland mexico and bike down to Panama then bike back… craziness but awesome. He was such a happy man! that evening (friday Nov 5th) we bused with all our stuff to San Jose del Cabo… 45min bus away to meet up with our next CS named Nayeli. We went out for drinks and dinner in San Jose… something we ate left us all feeling not too well… and this was not the first time… We rested today (Saturday Nov 6th) went to an organic Market, met JC one of the couchsurfing ambassadors for Los Cabos Area who makes a living gardening and juggling… quite the awesome fellow! Below you can find a view from the roof of his apartment in San Jose del Cabo.


Nayeli was so great to us… she even let us use her car to go shopping and get things we needed for our sailing trip… now i have time to update this blog so i hope you enjoy!

Also see Matiss’s blog by clicking here


2 thoughts on “Los Cabos… Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo… Adventures in Baja begin!

  1. Nice American woman?! You make me sound like an old lady! Sorry my friend was being such a bitch…I found some stuff I could have given you the next day when we were leaving. I’m happy you’re having fun and that you and Matiss are okay. I hope your tummies feel better! Send me some pictures!

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