Mulege, Mexico… prepping for the sea kayak trip

I am actually updating on the correct date for once…

So we had a slight change of plans… in my previous post Matiss and i were going to sail to La Paz from Cabo San Lucas. We came back from San Jose del Cabo all full of groceries and ready to go only to find out the captain had found other crew and decided to sail to Puerto Vallarta (PV) instead of La Paz with us… sucks but what can you do… since we were so set on the idea Matiss, Anna and i tried all day to find another boat to crew on to La Paz… Anna having a more open schedule and that she was a beautiful girl, had no problem finding a boat and found another space going to PV. Matiss and i kept trying but had no luck… we spent one more night at Anna’s place and helped her move out and we took a bus first thing in the morning to Mulege… i almost didn’t make the bus because i needed to get some pesos out from an ATM… i tried 4 before i found one 6 blocks away from the bus station and had to run back just in time to make the bus… The ride was 12 full long hours of desert and watching spanish/english dubbed movies and one movie with spanish subs but english commentary… no one seemed to notice but us…

We met an awesome mexican named Roberto from Ensenada taking the 22 hour + bus ride from Cabo to there… he knew good english and told us all about mexico and places to check out when he was a tour guide out of mexico city…

Bill, our host graciously waited and picked us up at the bus station… now to get ready to kayak for 10-12 days… got to spend the next few days getting ready… below see view from Bills house.


Bill is an interesting couchsurfing host, a retired american he’s been living in Mulege for 11 years. He gave us a tour of the town and showed us the old jesuit mission that what built during the sad time of colonialism. Please click here to read Matiss’s much more in depth description of our experience in Mulege


Mulege is a very interesting little town. It lies in a river valley and it quite lush. In September of 2009 they were devastated by hurricane Jimena and the entire state of Baja California Sur declared a state of emergency. They have started the reconstruction to move the town to higher ground but it isn’t nearly as nice as this quaint little village that is a beautiful oasis in the desert landscape of Baja California Sur.


While we were getting ready for out trip Matiss was not feeling to good. Bill was kind enough to drive us around to all the super markets in town and i got most of our food together and organized for the coming trip. Hopefully Matiss feels better and we can get down to the NOLS branch in Playa el Coyote in Bahia Concepcion, get a hold of Ramon’s brother Clemente, get our boats, pack them and be off…


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