We are off! Next stop French Polynesia!

Crew from left to right: Zack, Steve, Michaela, Pam, Tom, Elena, and Louis

This is it! we have finally got all our things together and we will be off very shortly if all goes well. I will probably not be able to update this blog for quite a while. Likely not until we arrive in Tahiti, French Polynesia sometime in September. We will be exploring the remote islands on route until then. You can read more details about the crew and the trip in my previous post. You can follow our progress and message log through the MapShare feature from our Delorme InReach at this link:


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All the best,

Zack Kruzins


Back on Karaka: Provisioning and waiting for our new main sail

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I arrived in Panama City on the 18th of April by bus at Albrook Mall and had to talk to about five different cab drivers that would take me to the Amador for less than $5. The Amador is a causeway that jets out connecting three islands off the east side of the entrance of the Canal on the Pacific Ocean. Karaka was anchored as close as possible to the messed up dingy dock off the second island on the Amador, Isla Pericos. Continue reading

Boquete, Panama: Volcan Baru

I took a little break from the heat of Santa Catalina when i finally had a few days off the second week of April. I went to Boquete in the mountains of Panama. I met up with Steve from Karaka and we climbed to the highest point in Panama, Volcan Baru at 3,474m. We planned to hike up and camp overnight so we left at 12:30pm and got to the top just after sunset around 7:30am, saw the sunrise and we hiked back down. It felt so incredible to be up in the mountains again feeling the fresh cold dry mountain air. I was so glad that we decided to camp on top too.
GOPR8547 Continue reading