LU ORPT 3370 Sea Kayaking

So after my personal kayak trip along the puk coast with my friends i was off to Thunder Bay yet again. Darrell and I’s book was finally printed and we were lucky enough to work together out in the NMCA region as almost a celebratory expedition with a great group of students.

also we found the Red Truck at Red Truck Lake!


We paddled from Red Rock to Darrell’s Cabin at Jackfish


Jackfish & Thunder Bay – the Return to Canada after Patagonia

Upon my return to Canada at the end of March i made my way up to Thunder Bay. I had some time to rest and think at my friend Darrell Makin’s camp at Jackfish Bay and finish our Lake Superior paddling guide!


Darrell came out with some other friends and we did some work on the cabin.


Unfortunately after less than a year of buying the place Darrell and his family had their cabin burn down so it was a constant process of reobuilding (click here for a link to the blog recording the re-building process)

I made it to Thunder Bay and i worked on the book with Darrell everyday until it was done